Time is framed in phases, processes and episodes. Look at any series of events in your life, profession or business enterprise to see this.

Things happen by intention or happenstance. Some you can trace to an orgin; begetting. Others you may become aware of as its happening; becoming. There are times when you don’t know something happened until a result has occured; begoning.

When you become aware whether at begetting, becoming or begoning you can have some power.

The power appears when you get intentional and do something with what’s happening.

We don’t often think of time that way. So often we are in the flow being pushed and pulled by the financial, social, cultural, political, mechanical and technological forces.

Tao Time is a discipline where, once you’ve worked with it, you can play at it; moving things along, revealing space for new ideas, renewed energy and the authentic self to appear.

Tao Time is available through using the I Ching. More is available at www.dalebruder.com/taotime.htm 

Cheng Yi, an 11th Century C.E. scholar noted ‘When people can discern the qualities of specific times and recognize changes, then it is possible to talk to them about the I Ching.’

When you are ready, I am available.