When I want to know ‘what time it is for me’ I use the Three Currents method of consultation I’ve developed in my study and use of the I Ching. By following the becoming, begetting, begoning path I identify my location in time and space along with a route to move through to a harvestable completion.

This inquiry creates clarity using a cast hexagram, its evolved configuration and a nuclear. The nuclear can be either of the cast or the evolved hexagram, depending on your intent. Following either is a path of personal development appropriate to your need or want.

A Three Currents application provides a short term process that brings intentionality into the flow. In the Zen tradition the Three Currents may be considered a shojo, or  small vehicle. The appropriate time for playing out the golden thread of the Three Currents is three to seven days. In that time period events and episodes occur where experiences generate usable knowledge. More at http://www.dalebruder.com/threecurrents.htm