Projects and inqury’s are complex. Each poses a question that can be answered in a variety of ways either by construction or experimentation. Applying the Twleve Earthly Branches to the activity incorporates intentional experience generation and knowledge harvesting that leads to deeper mastery and manifestation of new realities.

The twelve branches consists of 90 stepped times; 72 active within twelve episodes and 18 in contemplation, waiting or completion. The twelve branches process occurs in three moon cycles beginning at a new moon and ending at the third full moon. The period until the next new moon is focused on Hexagram 63 After Completion and Hexagram 64 Before Completion. 

A sine wave traces the cresting and trough of developing and manifesting intentions throughout the 72 day period.

The Twelve Earthly Branches is an assured path to follow for reaching a goal in its most usable form. The I Ching‘s capability to both predict and guide makes this venerable source of wisdom a wise choice of action in our time. Methodically stay with it and you will reach the appropriate manifestation of your original inquiry.

I use the twelve Branches concurrently, making a new inquiry every three months. The discipline provides me with an anchor and a sail. More at