Venerable Knowledge Generating Vehicles

For many years Dale Bruder has been studying the I Ching and applying it to his life, business and relationships. His work inquiring into the domains of human forms led to identifying Knowledge Generating Vehicles as useful strucutres to apply.

The essence of his approach is experiential. He acts from instinct and follows his intuition independent of judgement. The results are not measured by consequences; instead they are considered as means or lessons.

Cheng Yi, an 11th century C.E. scholar noted ‘When people can discern the qualities of specific times and recognize changes, then it is possible to talk to them about the I Ching’

Time is framed in phases, processes and episodes. Look at any series of events in your life, profession or business enterprise to see this. When you can see, you are ready to use and study the I Ching on the study of inner design.

In this process you become aware of the temporal begetting, becoming and begoning in all their myriad variations through the I Ching’s inexhaustable wisdom. The capability to shape your reality occurs incrementally as you apply the wisdom.

Using the I Ching in guiding, advisory and oracular ways brings the recognition of patterns in your own life. Awareness and recognition of the transformational process for mastering your actions and interactions is an aspect of the infinite game that is the I Ching

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