This is the original write up of what came to be called Transformative Tao circa 1978 CE 

Each hexagram of the I Ching Is a structure representing an archetypical expression symbolizing a particular condition or stage from social-psychological point of views that may be experienced and recognized by a human being.

 The I Ching can also be engaged from primarily a spiritual point of view. The Tao analyzes relationships and energy configurations individually and with groups. By taking into account both the subjective and objective dimensions of the hexagram structures, it’s extraordinary subtle and complex wisdom is revealed.

The commentaries are unusually versatile in terms of studying personal and collective life. Our inquiries will reveal relationships between interpersonal and intrapersonal forces, at the crucial point on which the Tao – Way or inner pattern or design is the focus.

 Through the movement or transformation of its parts, Each hexagram contains every other hexagram through the process of methodical changing of its lines,

Beginning with the bottom first line and moving upward to the sixth and top most line, one is able to draft the complete cyclic evolution of the hexagram. One depicts graphically the orderly, step by step transformations of a hexagram through to it coming back to itself.

This process of cyclic evolution is completed in twelve stages.To structure a blueprint if the I Ching’s wisdom by which to guide one’s thinking, planning and actions in order to reach a particular goal, this method is most effective.

A form used in applying this method has been named The Twelve Earthly Branches Method of Consultation. In Tao Time it is called Transformative Tao.

 The consultation page includes

  1. The Earthly Conditions – time of day, date, location, weather and optionally phase of the moon, astrological data, etc.
  2. The question or situation being consulted about is expressed into up to eight words
  3. Synchronistic Response is the Oracle’s response to the consultation
  4. NOW which is the first of twelve changes the synchronistic response will undergo.
  5. Immediately following (adjoining) is labeled NEXT for recording the second change taking place on through twelve changes where the hexagram returns to itself.

For each of the twelve hexagram on the master page there is a double page journal to plan and deal specifically with each facet of the matter and situation as it moves from change to change (day to day, week to week, month to month.)

The Twelve Earthly Branches plays out in 72 steps beginning with the first line of the NOW hexagram. Experience has shown results manifesting in 2-6 months as accomplishments and new opportunities and challenges. The quality of the manifestations relies on the awareness and discipline of the inquirer at the time of the inquiry to the Oracle and attention to the process.

The structure is a blueprint of the Tao’s wisdom. It guide one’s thinking, planning and actions in order to reach a particular goal. This method is most effective. The graphic format known named The Twelve Earthly Branches Method of Consultation is a means of divining a goal.