Seasonal Command: Hexagram 30 This is that area of the rhythmic cycles of Change  when things respond to the urge to leave where they are. Also a counteraction is intiated which tries to maintain their place and tends to freeze their idenity. One has to be aware of being located in order to experience leaving. Departing is an afteraffect of Clinging. In short, things become busy with clinging as they mistake the flame of existance as its light. The flame of fire is leaping from the fuel of its orgin seeks to cling to its source. In so doing it consumes its own raison d’etre and loses the center of its brightness.

Sequence: As fire leaps from its fuel, so humans departs from nature. The brightness of light is not in itself, but in the effect as it interacts with other conditions of existance. The Ideal Persons’ spiritual creativity is not manifested in philosophies, creeds, theological dogmas or political systems nor in one’s wisdom or foolishness; it is manifested in the way an Ideal Person effects and transforms the world.